Meet Sanitate 360

Who we are…

Sanitate 360 as a company strives to deliver on both customer service and technical competence.

The value proposition we offer our clients is: efficient, effortless and accountable cleaning services, ensuring perfect results, client satisfaction and peace of mind.

From a technical point of view, Sanitate360 is well versed with the required hygiene standards in the different industries as follows:

  • Office
  • Residences
  • Commercial
  • Educational Facilities
  • Transport

We have the experience, skill, resources, technical know-how, commitment and passion to deliver a high quality professional service.

To help achieve the required service levels, Sanitate360 has developed aQuality Management System. This is a Cleaning and Sanitation Program which complies with best practices recommended by various global and local experts in the hygiene and sanitation industry. We implement these systems to minimize risk and cross-contamination, which is crucial to protecting our clients’ health, their property and their brand.

We use environmentally friendly SABS approved chemicals, which is in line with the health and environmental regulations. We use high quality accredited equipment.

Our goal is to continue to provide and improve the benchmark standards and we highlight below our commitment to the following requirements:

  • Strong Management Support
  • Commitment to Service delivery and High Quality Practices
  • Documentation control.

Our focus is based on the following:

  • We specialize in delivering decontamination and cleaning solutions;
  • Support at all levels for Management and Supervisors;
  • Our staff undergoes extensive and ongoing training to stay in line with the constant changes;
  • We do internal audits and work hand-in-hand with external microbiologists. 

We render quality service at affordable rates which can be tailored to the clients’ particular needs.